2019 Program

Friday, 10/11

5:30-5:45 Greetings

Documenting the Past

5:45 – 6:27 – Sisters (42′), Bosnia & Herzegovina/Croatia, 2018. Written and directed by Zdenko Jurilj.

On a cold snowy morning of January 6, 1985, Herzegovina was struck by unusually severe winter. Sisters, Šima (18) and Draženka (17) attempt a trip from Bogodol village to go and help their mother Radica with work. After the bus doesn’t arrive, they decide to walk in their attempt to get to their mother. Fear and hope, faith and uncertainty, hunger and thirst, imagination and reality are intertwined in this claustrophobic piece of “white ground” bounded by high rocks and ice.

6:27 – 6:35 – Što te nema – Boston (8’), USA, 2019. Written and directed by Rialda Zukić.

ŠTO TE NEMA is a short documentary about artist Aida Šehović’s public monument dedicated to the 8,372 Muslim men and boys who were killed in Srebrenica. Known as a “nomadic monument,” it is organized through an ongoing partnership between Šehović and Bosnian diaspora communities. ŠTO TE NEMA comes to life every July 11 in a different city.

6:35 – 7:21 – Araf (46’), Greece/Turkey/Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2018. Written and directed by Didem Pekun.

ARAF is an essayist road movie and diary of a ghostly character, Nayia, who travels between Srebrenica and Sarajevo to Mostar in Bosnia. She has been in exile since the war and returns for the 22nd memorial of the Srebrenica genocide. The film is guided by her diary notes of the journey which merge with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus – Icarus being the name given to the winner of a bridge diving competition in her home country.

Parents and Children

7:45 – 7:58 – Stalemate (13’), Netherlands, 2019. Written and directed by Amir Karagić.

Mike, a middle aged chef from Amsterdam sits down to a game of chess with his estranged millennial son. An intense, raw and disturbing power battle ensues.

8:00 – 9:22 – The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić (82′), Mexico/Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2019. Written by Aida Hadžibegović-Đombić and Marta Hernaiz Pidal, directed by Marta Hernaiz Pidal

A clueless mother alongside her little autistic daughter on a disastrous trip, in an old Yugo car around Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Saturday 10/12

Documenting the Present

3:30 – 3:52 – Framing Home (22’), Netherlands/Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2017. Written and directed by Ivana Barišić.

Twenty years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, filmmaker Ivana Barišić engages in a conversation with her contemporaries about the destruction of their homeland and the aftermath of this war. Following second-generation Bosnian-Dutch immigrants, this film gives insight into the complexities of displacement when home and belonging are disrupted. It investigates the multiple ways this generation deals with the loss and reconstruction of home and invites us to examine the long-lasting legacies of migration.

3:52 – 5: 24 – Among Wolves (92’), USA, 2016. Written and directed by Shawn Convey.

The Wolves are no ordinary biker club as revealed in this gorgeously shot, surprisingly intimate portrait of trauma and survival. Still struggling from the aftermath of the Bosnian War, this multi-ethnic club organizes charity for their small mountain town and defends the threatened herd of wild horses they first met on the front line. It’s out there, with the horses, they confront their past and reclaim that territory as a space for healing.

Lost and Found

5:45 – 6:05 – 
Sherbet (20’), Serbia, 2019. Written by Nadja Petrović, directed by Nikola Stojanović. Best Student Film, Sarajevo Film Festival 2019

Ena and Sale – both of them destructive and hungry for life – meet. As they are trying to interpret their feelings, the two are pressured by the burdens of their past and haunted by their fears. Through acts of aggression on the outskirts of a dirty city, they test the limits of their love.

6:05-7:28 – Adrift/Nasumice (83’), USA/Italy/Bosnia & Herzegovina. Written and directed by Caleb Burdeau.

Italy, 1994. The war in the Balkans drags on with no end in sight. Elvis, a young man from Sarajevo, is taking pictures of tourists with his Polaroid camera to get by. After his camera is stolen, Elvis decides to visit Rodolfo, a stranger met by chance in Venice. Their brief and lonely encounter unfolds in the timeless landscape of whitewashed towns, green hills and olive trees of southern Italy.

7:45-9:16 – Take Me Somewhere Nice (91’), Netherlands/Bosnia & Herzegovina. Written and directed by Ena Sendijarević. Heart of Sarajevo winner, Sarajevo Film Festival 2019

A Dutch girl of Bosnian descent travels to Bosnia to visit her sick father. It will be the first time they will see each other.

Please join us for the BAPA Informal Networking Reception at the Celtic Knot Public House, 626 Church Street, Evanston, IL after the screenings!